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This is the perfect detail to add to your bio. So, while a company bio on Twitter may seem like a small detail, it’s actually an incredibly important piece of the puzzle. You’re probably familiar with providing short bios on social media websites and applications. Here’s how you can handle guilt or pressure when taking personal time off as a writer. See for example the well written bio of William Harrison that clearly shows his personality. Confident Live® Marketing Podcast 🎧 and Show 🎥 Helping you level up your impact, authority and profits through the power of Confident Live Video. This one is a fascinating example of keeping it simple. In many applications, 150 250 words is a sweet spot that allows you to cover the essentials without overwhelming the reader. Add your passions, interests, and how you bring your values to your work. So, to differentiate herself, she closes the first paragraph of her bio by explaining that she likes “getting people excited about the things excited about. This bio works as a cover letter, and if it’s impressive, most visitors won’t even feel the need to see your other details. Make a draft, leave it aside for a while, read it again, edit it, and review it until you get to the final version. This strategy is key to building a strong online presence and fostering your business’s growth and success. Adding his TikTok account with almost three million followers is another excellent move. An example of a badly written biography based on a real one. We’re more than just our jobs, and adding a few personal facts can help illustrate who you are outside of the office. Check out these real life examples so you can feel inspired when it’s time to write your bio. Think of it as a pitch that answers the question: why should someone care about you or work with you. Adding his TikTok account with almost three million followers is another excellent move. Blogging icon Rebecca Bollwitt does just this in her own Instagram bio excellently. Lily Parker is an experienced freelance virtual assistant specializing in remote administrative support, such as calendar management, email marketing, social media management, and customer service.

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How to Write a Bio for a Work Website

Stay under 100 words — that’s just about enough to give your audience a taste of your professional skills and a narrative of your career. After all, people want to know what makes you unique. Sign Up for our Newsletter. Tammy Hembrow is a founder, fitness model, Instagram Influencer, and entrepreneur. Here are a few to consider some of these you might already have in place. She enjoys spending her free time exploring towns along the West Coast and swimming. All fields are required. Active voice creates a more assertive and engaging bio. For more on editing things like this, check out this article I wrote for the New York Times on editing your own writing. And honesty is key because most consumers and clients won’t invest in someone or something if it doesn’t seem trustworthy. This gives people a “why” to follow him. Add in some of your playful side. Keep it tight and only share as much is necessary to tell your story. For this type of bio, you may also want to include a contact form or email, to help prospective clients, employers, or collaborators get in touch. Then, we’ll cover bio examples from some of the best people in the industry. Remember to customize the bio to suit your specific goals and make it a true reflection of who you are as a professional. The thing is, you might not think a lot of people care about where you went to school or what you like to do in your spare time, but you just don’t know who’s reading your professional bio. A bio with a hook will keep you reading. This is the first sentence of an already short bio, so keep it as concise as possible. And they found you to be very, very good. How to Write a Bio Tip 12: Showcasing positive customer reviews or ratings. Sure, you might impress a handful of people with all those laurels, but many people who read your bio will end up feeling either intimidated or annoyed. Your bio should be concise yet impactful, providing a glimpse into who you are and what you stand for. If there’s an opportunity for a good joke and it fits your personality, take it. Here are a few to consider some of these you might already have in place. I know it was for me when I first wrote the about page of my website. Probably not all that inclined to buy from the business, right. Your website will be search engine optimized, with a responsive design, and the option to customize URLs, add alt text to images, and write page titles and meta descriptions too. Ready to write a professional bio with maximum impact in less time.

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How to Write a Short Professional Bio With Examples and Templates

This will soften your bio and help make the tone more friendly. Instead, you should write a different one for each situation. To write an Instagram bio that drives traffic to your website, you need to write a concise 150 characters or less and engaging description of yourself or your brand. These two examples talk about the same accomplishment but come across differently. Of all the professional bio examples, Alex Bishop’s content exudes passion. But there are also cases where writing a personable and conversational bio is good. Help improve contributions. No need to put pen to paper and spend hours wondering what your bio can look like. It concludes with a few personal details. The copy is great, and the information he provided there is all one needs to understand what he does. To write a short bio you should first make an initial introduction introducing yourself in the first or first person. Edit your writing from both points of view and see which works best for your target audience. Your target audience defines the professional bio template you are going to use. That said, there’s a fine line between talking about your achievements and sounding arrogant. Want to learn how to build a blog like this. Call Liesbeth: +31 06 5465 1346. It’s a chance for website visitors to buy into who you are and what you do. If you were looking for your company’s services, what information would convince you choose your company above the others. This New England based DJ has single handedly captured the Likes of over 2,000 people in and beyond Boston, MA.

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Lorie helps homeowners and new buyers secure a loan that suits their budget and goals. Awards are best when they are specialized to your industry and what you do for a living. Before you start writing, you need to know why you are writing a bio and who you are writing it for. Whether you work as a physician or fitness consultant, there’s a reason why this is your profession, and you should explain that in your short professional bio. Depending upon the length of the bio, list a few professional achievements to earn the trust of the audience. The accomplished journalist concludes his gripping bio as strong as it began. You don’t need to create the next Between The World And Me to write a killer bio. And most importantly, it’s the tool you can leverage most when you’re networking. Best of all, rather than using his bio as an opportunity to brag, he instead ties his talents into how he hopes to help others, writing, “Through social media, Chris strives to share his vision.

What to include in a short bio

Both options work well. As for the profile picture, it serves as a reflection of your general style. If you’re not sure about when to give it a refresh, consider. While first person bios are common, third person bios can be more effective in formal situations. I don’t check out an author’s byline unless the post is interesting. For instance, she writes, “Ann Handley writes and speaks about how businesses can escape marketing mediocrity to achieve tangible results. Here are a few things we consider when writing a professional bio. Maybe you founded your own company and want its name to be separate from your real name. >And she will inspire you to do work you’re proud of. Writing in third person means taking the perspective of an outsider. Our templates are responsive and easy to navigate. The content for each platform will be generated differently based on the platform’s standard. Whether it’s on Twitter, LinkedIn, your online portfolio, or your employer’s website, your professional bio is the first thing people will read to understand who you are and what you do. This bio shows how you can capture your reader’s attention by being empathetic and how that empathy shapes a valuable professional. From landing brand deals to sponsored posts, monetizing your following can turn. Schedule time every few months to go back over your personal bio and see if everything is still true and up to date. This powerful blend paints a well rounded picture, demonstrating both the human side and the professional prowess of the individual, making the bio more memorable and impactful. This bio works as a cover letter, and if it’s impressive, most visitors won’t even feel the need to see your other details. To write a creative bio, think about the main points you want to get across and the tone that best fits your brand. Our CEO, Mark, is a visionary leader with a passion for innovation. And it’s not just for personal use businesses and companies can benefit from Twitter, too. When you sit to write your professional bio, don’t watch that cursor blinking on the screen.

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Contact KDD today to get started on your journey. The same concept applies when writing resumes. Aaron Orendorff is a contributor not just at Inc. > What have you achieved. The second is the “long version,” which is even more interesting than the first. What have you done for yourself — as well as for others — that makes you a valuable player in your industry. The Genius Career Blog. Whether you’re using a short bio to attract a particular customer base or potential employer, tailoring it to fit their wants and needs is crucial. Think of your professional bio as a marketing tool, where you can also put a request for the readers. While the professional bio on his website takes a traditional approach, it still speaks to Mark’s audience. If your specialty is writing, your title could be “Freelance Writer,” or if it’s Help Desk or Information Technology, you may use “Freelance IT Specialist. A well written professional bio helps you communicate how your life experience makes you the best candidate for the roles you seek. In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga and exploring new culinary experiences. Think about the values and passions underlying your work, as well as your professional philosophy. One common mistake people make is thinking of it as its own beast, separate from other writing pieces. When you know how to write a website bio with a touch of humor, these little informal details can create a massive difference to engage more audience and generate more followers on social media. When considering your career development plan and overall career aspirations, ensure they align with the company’s mission and values. You use a professional bio template. Is available for and private consultations. But when people list their accomplishments in their bios, they risk sounding slightly egotistical. Create a compelling professional narrative for a proper, attention grabbing introduction. The use of professional clothing is also essential to your image. No, really, simply combine these ideas and find ways to connect them so they make sense. Aim for clarity and brevity so your bio is easy to read and digest. Learn more in our Cookie Policy. It’s generally present on a company’s about us page, or on personal social media accounts. For example, “I’m an innovative software developer with 5 years of experience in creating scalable applications, known for my ability to troubleshoot complex issues and my commitment to delivering high quality software solutions.

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This helps engage readers and is a strategy that brings her closer to the audience. By mentioning that he is a dad first, we recognize what’s important to him in his long list of successes. When you read Lily’s bio, the second sentence grabs your attention immediately because it shows the result you can get by working with her. Now, go on, buckle down, and knock it out. From there, she branches out into how it relates to her profession, as well as her key achievements and career highlights. Include your email address in the last sentence, so it’s easy to get in touch with you. Don’t you think her Twitter bio below is proof of that. And because we integrate the latest AI models, you can rest assured that our bio generator is constantly learning and improving so you can get the most out of your bio. Something personal optional. Your short bio should summarize the key takeaways from a longer, more rounded out professional bio. You’re doing a service by telling others what you can do for them. But adding personal and professional details can help, too.

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Now that you have got the steps down, here are some killer tips for writing a short bio. Here’s another excerpt from the middle. Your bio’s big goal is to show your prospects that they should do business with you. You can effortlessly create and update your professional website bio without technical knowledge. You can apply the advice I share below to other “types” of bios for other applications, like LinkedIn or conference speaker bios. If you’re at a loss for how to write a professional bio that packs a punch, I’ve got you covered. With what you have, create an outline that includes. Once you’ve finished entering your details, try adding a bit of personal flair. Instead, focus on including the details that you and your audience care about most and leave out the fluff. For instance, besides setting the point of view and tone, we gave Jasper some basic details, including a fictional name, role, and location for a Senior Product Marketing Manager. Whether you work as a physician or fitness consultant, there’s a reason why this is your profession, and you should explain that in your short professional bio. For example, if you’re writing a resume and want to include a bio, keep it professional and leave out your hobbies and interests. Take a lesson from Miss604 and show your personal side. Use the writing tips below to write an authentic yet confident sounding bio that you can be proud of. This is basically a sales rep bio example.

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To simplify the process, consider using Strikingly as your website builder. Download free, editable short and long professional bio templates. I work mostly with emerging sustainable brands looking to grow their identity and reach, something I am very passionate about. Your sense of humor, creativity, or collaborative nature could all give readers a sense of who you are. Here are some examples to give you a better idea. Take one of HubSpot Academy’s free certification courses. A summary of what you have done in the past is not interesting to anyone. But don’t fall prey to bio comparison. She even links out to her husband’s Instagram account after the heart emoji an adorable addition and assures her followers that all of her pictures are authentically hers. How to Write a Bio Tip 14: Take note of effective writing styles and formats. Include your name, job title, professional summary, years of experience, key skills, notable achievements, educational background, and any relevant professional affiliations. From connection, understanding, possibility, and inspiration are born. It can be challenging to write about yourself, so try to see yourself from the perspective of your favorite person at work or a mentor you trust. We have separated some incredible professional bio examples used on websites and social media platforms. Tailoring your company bio to your target audience will help you connect with them quicker and create deeper relationships, making it far more likely that they’ll choose you over a competitor.

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What I love about his bio is the way he’s set it up: On his business’ “About” page, he’s listed two biographies, which he’s labeled “Mark Levy’s Biography 1” and “Mark Levy’s Biography 2. Did you take a crack at writing your bio, but need some feedback. Many creatives find it easier to talk about their clients than their own work. Download free, editable short and long professional bio templates. Here’s what this professional bio template looks like when filled in. You’ll have a chance to edit and review the rough draft. There is no professional bio template to describe your personality generically. The uniqueness in you defines you the best, the things which make you different, the personality traits in which you stand out from the rest, etc. Consider how you might showcase your uniqueness in just a few words, particularly for a social media account that already restricts word count. I’ve taken decorating classes from some the the nation’s premier pastry chefs. A proofread bio promotes professionalism and attention to detail. My guess is you do the same. In his/her/their spare time, Name enjoys Hobbies. A short professional bio is exactly what it sounds like—a short professional biography that introduces yourself and gives a brief overview of your career and accomplishments. People like connecting with other people. This helps establish trust with your visitors and gives them confidence in your expertise. What’s important is to be clear and tell your story in a way that connects with your reader. Language can convey different moods. This might be less essential, but it will help humanize you. I know it was for me when I first wrote the about page of my website. So, they’ll know I’m just as invested in these topics as they are.


What do you hope to achieve through your work. Here’s a basic outline that you can customize. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. When you’re thinking about style, be true to yourself. This bio shows how you can capture your reader’s attention by being empathetic and how that empathy shapes a valuable professional. Remember to check some professional bio examples first for inspiration when you sit down to write your professional bio. Lisa Green is an English teacher who teaches beginning to advanced literature courses for 10th and 11th grade students at Bloomfield High School. Now, it’s time to keep in mind some pro tips when writing a perfect bio for your website. It’s also critical that you include photos of yourself, your family and your life. What certifications and awards have they achieved. Be the first to add your personal experience. Is available for and private consultations. Since he is a trainer on Udemy, he also shares his thoughts about learning. Look for inspiration from other bios or profiles in your field, and consider seeking feedback from friends, mentors or colleagues.

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It lets your audience know your achievements and your impact on other people in the industry. Professional bios can live on your LinkedIn profile, company website, guest posts, speaker profiles, Twitter bio, Instagram bio, and many other places. And shortly thereafter received orders by the dozen. Make a joke, find a sarcastic way to present yourself, make fun of any of your hobbies, etc. Like any other piece of content, your bio should aim to drive traffic to a specific landing page. Is available for and private consultations. Here are a few tips. Remember that Meet the Team pages are often one of the most viewed pages. All the personal biography examples that you come across will have the following things in common. If you have to submit your professional bio to a website, you may also be asked for a resume. Begin your bio by stating your first and last name. It’s easy to go off on a tangent while trying to include everything relevant or rationalize, making your bio too long. Companies can also make use of Jasper’s bio templates with the company bio template. Let people see the real you through authenticity.

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© 2024 Emma Thurgood Weddings. Pollen is the professional membership for building a successful independent career. With these resources, you’ll find that writing a bio, as part of making a website, is much easier than you might think. They showcase expertise while giving readers a glimpse into the person behind the bio. She currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband, poet and fiction writer Kelly Stacy, and their chocolate lab Astro Renegade Ford Stacy. How to start an art business in 8 steps. By including his location, he immediately calls out those he serves. Here are some tips and best practices to follow. There are a few ways you can keep your “about me” writing on point—without pulling your hair out. Ford is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, Somebody’s Daughter, published by Flatiron Books. Keep these tips in mind for writing a truly stand out short bio. Sign Up for our Newsletter. Your story is only yours to tell, and it has value. Here’s what you should include. Learning little nuggets of information about you can put you ahead of other candidates they’re researching or other freelancers they’re in talks with. Self promotion can feel incredibly uncomfortable, but it’s important to make sure you don’t undermine your value. In my first year as a photographer, I thought the photos I took needed more spark. I’m a speaker, podcast host, tech founder, entrepreneur, mom, and dancin’ in the kitchen kinda gal — and my biggest goal is simple: to help you build a strategic, powerful, inspiring life. Or, if you have a string of impressive achievements, try condensing all of them down to one sentence. And honesty is key because most consumers and clients won’t invest in someone or something if it doesn’t seem trustworthy. As a writer, I have to let readers and potential clients know my expertise, my skills, and why they should work with me or be interested in what I say. Include links to your social media profiles or websites demonstrating your work for other businesses or organizations. It’s generally present on a company’s about us page, or on personal social media accounts. Crafting an engaging, compelling, and authentic bio for your website is an art form. But the conversational tone and entertaining copy let his quirky personality and great writing skills shine. Whether you do it on Linkedin, Instagram, or the back of a cereal box, the purpose of your professional bio is to quickly and succinctly communicate who you are and what you do. You don’t need to create the next Between The World And Me to write a killer bio. One common mistake people make is thinking of it as its own beast, separate from other writing pieces. Make sure you have a go to set of questions that you use as your building block for all bio input forms. By focusing on her app, she not only showcases initiative but also aligns herself with trends in tech innovation.

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He simply highlights his mission of helping creative entrepreneurs in a sentence, before going on to share the four ways in which he can help the reader. Read our blog about how to create a good profile picture to get all the tips. Plus, you could find common ground with readers — which is always beneficial. Jasper can create well written, engaging bios for anyone in any role, as long as you provide the right info. “Building from her experience with GoCo. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you’ve achieved, be it awards, certifications, or anything that you’re particularly proud of. So if you’re looking for a way to make sure you’re always remembered, consider crafting a short professional bio. A bio is a detailed description of someone’s life, professional background, education history, achievements, and skill set. There’s no right or wrong way to write your own bio. Next, keep it short and sweet. Share your passions and interests, whether or not they relate to your work or industry. I will walk you through how to write a professional bio that you can proudly publish, provide professional bio templates, and show you the best professional bio examples you can get inspiration from. The selection of tone matters considerably when you don’t know how to write a website bio on a particular platform. A personal bio provides a digital introduction of an individual. Tammy shows in her bio that she’s a founder; she links to her app, mentions her YouTube channel, which has almost two million subscribers, and has a link for people to learn more about her and what she does.